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Renee Marie...

Renee Marie brings a life long creative passion to her mixed media and encaustic works. 

Combining bold color and a modern sensibility with romantic detailing, Renee Marie's work manifests a playful spirit. On a basic level many of her pieces speak to the joyful experience of combining materials and colors, the pure pleasure of creative endeavor. Using simple elements often of everyday domesticity; buttons, wire, stamps, fabric, photos, Renee Marie references a charming affection for bygone days. At the same time her adventurous use of color grounds her work solidly in the here and now. 

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Primarily working with encaustic and mixed media, Renee Marie appreciates the freedom that comes with combining a variety of elements. The ability to layer materials within the wax so that some components emerge and lift beyond the surface, and others dissolve into the haze of the substrate allows her plenty of room to explore and shape her responses to the items she chooses to incorporate.


Living and working in Benicia, California, Renee Marie has a deep appreciation for her community and a passion for its development. In addition to creating her own art, Renee Marie is an enthusiastic advocate of other artists. A generous and longstanding member of Arts Benicia, Renee Marie founded an encaustic group for the development and study of the medium.


She also exhibits the work of local artists in her office gallery, Gallerie Renee Marie. Working with each artist, she curates their exhibitions, opening the doors of her real estate office to a wide range of styles and mediums and hosting lively receptions in support of the work. Beyond the sphere of her own studio and gallery, Renee Marie participates with Arts Benicia by curating exhibits for Arts Benicia Presents, well known for showing large scale contemporary art in a variety of venues.


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